Friday, March 14, 2008

Audio Archives - English

Welcome to the audio archives of Unity Costa Rica and Rev. Juan Enrique Toro. Visit us each week to hear the latest services from Costa Rica's Unity church.

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NutriDoc said...

Hello Rev. Juan Enrique Toro!
May you and your congregation know joy and peace on the World Day of Prayer. When I visited your wonderful Unity Church in March of this year, 2008, the church family welcomed me into their 'home' so kindly. Some even stayed around long enough to 'stick their tongue out at me', and I liked it!
Much has transpired in the days since out visit together, there in Costa Rica. During relief efforts to get health products shipped into Yangon, Myanmar after the storm Nargis in May, my computer was severely damaged along with much of the data.
Please let your people there who became so of my first International Tongue Talkers, that they have not been forgot in my mind, just in my computers electronics. The principles that we shared that day along with the magnets that were distributed will last a lifetime, improving the choices made each day, when choose foods and even thoughts.
May you all at the Unity Church in Costa Rica...Be In Good Health.
Laura L Dawson, Dipl.Ac.,L.Ac.
Food Physics & Body Dynamics LLC